You don’t build business; you build people, and then people build the business.

The In-Group Session


• Online Workshop that you can Replay Anytime you’d like.

• Downloadable Session Workbooks, PDFs, Posters, Lesson Graphs

• Weekly Inbox Feed with Hot Topics.

• Flexible Listen & Learn Tailored to your Schedule with 24/7 Access.

• At your Fingertip Learning on any Mobile Device that is connected to the Internet.

• New Sessions Uploaded each Month.

• Online Courses on: Hire & Keep Top Talent, Menu Design, Increase Sales, Peak Performance

Private Session


We’ll get on the phone and deal with your matters personally.

Key Features of the In-a-Pinch Private Session
Crew Coaching Program includes:

• Consulting calls with the restaurant consultant personally
• Foundational coaching for your managers (culture, core values)
• Analyzing: Menu, team, systems, marketing & branding
• Full access to the In-Group session club
• Coaching video calls for your leadership
• E-mail and text access to me


Enhanced Private Session


• Full immersive consulting.
• I have the right teaching blocks on hand to attack your situation and will share them with you.
• You decide the pace and how fast we progress.
• There is no sugar coating so get ready.
• In fact, it will be a stretch. Sounds rough? Absolutely. It takes work to be on top of your game!


What are you looking to do?

• Are you opening a new restaurant or vitalizing a current concept?
• Do you have an already established concept that you
would like to roll-out to different locations?